Generous Customer Leaves Large Tip and Inspiring Note

Life is too short. A waitress in Cohoe, New York learned that lesson in an unexpected way recently.

Becky Nielsen went to collect the check from a regular customer, but when she did she found more than just the $22.08 owed for a cappuccino and breakfast sandwich. Becky found that the customer had left a 350% tip – $77.92, to be exact.

Waitress ‘left on verge of tears’ after grieving customer leaves $77.92 tip and inspiring note

The customer had already left before Becky got a chance to thank her, but left a note attached to the receipt that explained the surprising bout of generosity.

“Life is short,” read the receipt. “a friend of mine died last night. Please enjoy a night with someone you love!”

The restaurant, The Breakfast Spot, shared the post on Facebook. Based on the response in the comment section, it seems the post has inspired many to follow the note’s lesson.

Becky says that she intends to use the money to take her friends and her boyfriend on a night out, as the note suggests.

This act of kindness in a time of personal grieving is truly inspiring.

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