Frat Brothers Know A Little Girl Can See Them Through Her Window. Now Watch What They Do...

 Twelve-year-old Lexi Brown is battling cancer. She has a sarcoma, and the disease is quickly spreading to the rest of her body including her lungs. As a result of her urgent condition, Lexi was airlifted to the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.
 It just so happens that this hospital is right across the street from UCLA’s fraternity row.
One day, while trying to pass the time, Lexi and her mother decided to post a note to the hospital window. It asked for a pizza delivery. It was a way for the two to joke around, be lighthearted, and have some fun. They never thought it was lead to much…
But they were wrong.
Lexi’s window faced the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house, and when the brothers saw Lexi’s request on the window, they decided to walk over with a pizza. In addition, they brought a dozen red roses and a guitar.
 For the next 30 minutes, the frat brothers serenaded Lexi as she lay in her hospital bed. It was a delightful surprise for both Lexi and her mother. Neither of them could believe that their request would be answers like this…
 This soon sparked a special friendship between the brothers and Lexi. They began to visit Lexi on a regular basis. Some nights, they would stay with Lexi until midnight, breaking the hospital’s visitation rules. They often brought games to play with Lexi, and it was one of the few bright spots in Lexi’s day.
 Every year, the SAE fraternity house decorates his house in Christmas lights for the holidays. Because of their relationship with Lexi, the brothers decided to do something special for her. In bright purple lights, they spelled out Lexi’s name on their roof. Purple was her favorite color!
Every time Lexi looked out the window, she could see her name on the fraternity’s rooftop.
Lexi has returned home and is still battling cancer. The brothers plan on keeping the lights on for the rest of the holiday season.
They consider Lexi and her family as one of them. They are currently fundraising money to help pay for Lexi’s hospital bills.
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