Family Buys Old White Bowl For $3 At Garage Sale. When They Flip It Over, They're Stunned

 If there’s something you need to know about me, it’s that one of my favorite weekend activities is to try to find and shop at any garage sales happening in my local community. There’s just something so exciting about discovering a bargain, and nothing gives me more pleasure than digging through discarded items in order to find a hidden treasure. Although it’s unlikely you’ll find something of significant value at a garage sale, there have been times where extremely rare items have been left to collect dust at a garage sale. You’re about to hear a story about a family in New York that came across something truly special at a garage sale one day…
A family from New York was at a small garage sale in upstate New York back in 2007 when they came across a small white bowl that was on sale for $3. Thinking the bowl looked exotic and hoping that it would be a pretty decoration for their home, they decided to purchase it. Little did they know what they had just purchased.
 The white bowl, which was just 5 inches in diameter, looked subtle with only a small floral decoration. The family, not knowing the true value of the bowl, decided to place it on their fireplace as a nice piece for many years.
One day, however, the family decided it might be worth trying to find where the bowl came from and decided to hire a professional to look into it.
 When they brought the bowl in? It turns out that the bowl was a 1000 year old artifact that dated back all the way to the ancient Song dynasty in China.
 Sotheby’s, a premium auction house, described the bowl as a style of ceramics that were popular in Ancient China and was referred to today as Ding ware. They said,
“Only one other bowl of the same form, size and almost identical decoration is known; the piece in the British Museum London.”
 So how much was the bowl actually worth? Well, Sotheby’s, an auction house based in London, took the task of selling this rare Chinese bowl for the family. The auction starting price was $200,000, but it ended up selling for an unbelievable $2,225,000. Who says you can’t find value at a garage sale?

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