Everyday This Pit Bull Patiently Waits In Line. What He Does When It Arrives? Priceless!

You don’t have to be the owner of an animal to appreciate how awesome it can be, so it’s awesome to see the different types of relationships someone’s pet has with other people.

Leslie Yip took to YouTube on Friday to share an adorable video of her neighbor's dog exhibiting the polished manners of a prep school graduate.

Once the dog's interest is peaked by the iconic ice cream truck music, there is no stopping his tail from wagging.

But rather than go insane and start barking like most of our dogs would do, the pup plops himself himself down right in line with the humans, patiently waiting for a treat like the good boy he is.

Hopefully he didn't get a brain freeze, because he did not appear to take his time with his vanilla soft serve.

In this adorable video you’re about to watch you’ll see why these two get along so well, and it’ll melt your heart. If there’s any part of the olden days I can understand anyone missing, it’s the local camaraderie and friendships everyone has. Videos like this make me think it’s time we brought that back!

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