Dying Boy Has One Week To Live. When He Tells His Family His Final Wish, They're Dumbstruck

Almost all of us have never had to deal with a terminal illness before. If you were faced with such an unfortunate circumstance, however, what would be going through your mind? Would you feel anger? Maybe you would feel sad? I most certainly don’t wish such a terrible tragedy on anyone, but I hope that if we were in such a situation, we would have the perspective of this incredible little boy.
Brenden Foster’s world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with leukemia at the young age of 8. He spent the next several years battling the disease as best he could, but his body could no longer fight. At the tender age of 11, doctors regrettably told him that he had only 1 week left to live.
I can’t even imagine the emotions that Brenden must of been feeling. That’s what makes what he did next that much more inspirational. Going home from one of his last visits with the doctor, Brenden noticed a group of homeless people living in tents. Feeling that he needed to make a difference, Brenden was able to raise awareness and make a significant donation of food.
When asked about his kind deed in the face of insurmountable odds, he responded,
“I have had a great time. And until my time is up, I am going to keep having a good time.”
Although he passed away soon afterwards, his kind deed did not go unnoticed. Since his death, over $95,000 have been donated to the homeless in his honor. Although Brenden is no longer with us, we can proudly say that his legacy will live on forever.
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