Dude Pukes All Over Himself After One Of Those Bungee Jump Rides

Yes! The build up is what makes it. Will he? Won’t he? Will he? Won’t he? The pay off is only worth it because we get to watch that dude struggggggggggle for a full minute and a half to hold the puke in his mouth. So many ups and down. Just like the ride they were on. His friends being downright gleeful once the puke finally came exploding out is what true friendship is all about. If you have friends who don’t laugh when you puke all over yourself, you don’t have real friends. If you have friends who would be like, “Whoa are you okay? Lemme help you out”, you don’t have true friends. True friends witness you in a time of great pain and need and simply laugh their asses off. To take that a step further, only true friends would let you wipe your puke on their leg and not punch you in the face. That was pushing it for me. Dude wiped his puke-covered hand on the dude and then coughed in his face three times. At a certain point you gotta draw the line and maybe puke all over the guy who rubbed his puke on you.

[Source: Youtube]

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