Domino's Employee Sees Loyal Customer Hasn't Ordered In 11 Days. Then She Sees THIS In His Home

 Meet Kirk Alexander. For almost the past 10 years, Kirk has ordered a pizza from Domino’s at least once per day. Kirk was known in the community as someone who mostly kept to himself, but his neighbors and the delivery staff at Domino’s Pizza always knew him as the person who would lend a helping hand when able.
 Well one day, Sarah Fuller, the manager at Domino’s Pizza, noticed that Kirk hadn’t ordered a pizza from them in a couple days. Although she didn’t think much about it at first, she steadily become more and more concerned as the days went by.
 It had been 11 days since Kirk had put in his last order. Worried, Sarah sent one of her delivery employees to go to Kirk’s house in order to make sure everything was okay. The delivery employee knocked on Kirks’ door and called his phone, but couldn’t get a hold of him. Yet when the delivery employee looked inside the house, the lights and the television were on. Knowing that something had to be wrong, the delivery employee decided to call 911. Sarah described how she felt throughout the whole ordeal,
“Kind of scared, worried. What happened? What was going on?”
When police officers came to Kirk’s door, they immediately could hear Kirk crying out for help. It appeared that Kirk was in need of some serious medical attention, but there was no one around to help. Fortunately, with the help of the police officers and the staff at Domino’s Pizza, Kirk is well on his way to recovery. As a result of their kind deed, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office officially recognized the staff at Domino’s Pizza. You may not know it, but someone always is looking out for you — it might even be your local pizza store!

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