Dog Breaks Out Of The Backyard In Order To Go To Doggy Daycare

Most kids are terrified of daycare. They are abandoned by parents who no longer love them and left with strangers and without any of their toys from home. If only more kids were like Riley the golden retriever. Riley went to a doggy daycare and absolutely loved it. He made lots of friends and always had such a good time that he would whimper when he had to go home.

In fact, he missed doggy daycare so much that as soon as his owner was out of sight, he nudged open the latch for the yard gate and promptly sauntered on over to the daycare center that was more than a mile away. Once he got there, he patiently waited for someone to come get him and let him play with his friends. Guess the owners will be putting a new lock on the gate!

[Source: Youtube]

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