Bryan Cranston's 'Super Sweet 60' Birthday Party Is Funniest 'Breaking Bad' Reunion Yet

Bryan Cranston definitely celebrated his 60th birthday in style this year – and it’s a party he’ll probably never forget.
Cranston absolutely stole the show in his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Friday night, teaming up with Kimmel and a bunch of his former Breaking Bad co-stars for the funniest parody of MTV‘s My Super Sweet 16 we’ve ever seen.
The epic 15 minute segment kicks off with diva Cranston revealing he still lives at home with his parents, despite the fact that he’s a ‘six-time Emmy Award winning actor’, and he notes that his ‘super sweet 60th has to be turnt’.
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Cranston explains:
I swear to God, if my parents make me plan this party like I’m a poor person, I will lose my shit. My shit will be lost.
Things only get more incredible from there, with scenes featuring spoiled brat Cranston throwing ‘Gustav-O’s’ cereal at his parents, wearing five crowns as he openly weeps, actual lions, Kimmel as the ‘limp dick’ party planner, a ‘stupid unicorn’, ‘Skinny Pete’ actor Charles Baker as the party DJ, as well as a tremendous Bob Odenkirk cameo as Cranston’s BFF.
And, when Aaron Paul shows up to the party, Cranston throws a tearful tantrum and winds up getting into a fight with his former Breaking Bad meth cook partner.
Fortunately, all’s well that ends well, as Sisqo shows up to sing the Thong Song and a delirious Cranston squeals with excitement.
The whole sketch is absolutely priceless and we’d be quite happy if Cranston earned his seventh Emmy win for this on-point spoof alone, to be honest!

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