Boys DESTROY A Sculpture At A Museum. Now Keep An Eye On The Parents...

Two young boys in China were caught on camera completely destroying a sculpture at the Shanghai Museum of Glass while their parents watched. Keep reading to learn more!

Two children in China were caught on camera destroying a priceless piece of art in the Shanghai Museum of Glass, as their parents watched and filmed them playing.
Surveillance footage from the famous museum shows two boys horsing around near a piece of glass artwork for several moments.
Two adults seen in the CCTV footage did absolutely nothing to stop the children from playing too close to the glass.
In fact, the parents actually seemed to take out their cell phones to record the moment their children trashed the piece of art.
The piece, called “Angel Is Waiting,” depicts a pair of angel wings made entirely out of glass, but officials from the museum say it was definitely damaged by the boys who thought it would be OK to play around it.
According to officials, a piece on the bottom of the glass sculpture completely shattered, thanks to the two boys.
While it is not yet known if the family of the children will be asked to pay for the damages, the museum has already announced that they will not repair the piece.
Instead, the angel wings will be renamed “Broken” to account for the destruction.
See how the two children destroyed the beautiful glass sculpture in the video below now!
Video Credit: CCTV News via

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