At 15-Years-Old, He Weighed 707 Pounds - Just Wait Until You See What He Looks Like Today...

Jacob Miller has always been big. Although he was born five weeks too early, Miller was far heavier than the average baby. If he had been born on time and well-developed, then he would have weighed twelve pounds.
Doctors thought Miller was born with some kind of hormonal issue that caused him to gain so much weight. When he turned one-year-old, he weighed fifty-two pounds!
As he progressed through the years, Miller, on average, gained one hundred pounds per year. By the time he was fifteen-years-old, Miller was 6’5″ and weighed 707 pounds.
His body weight was a huge detriment to his health both physically and emotionally. He suffered from diabetes, heart problems, a liver disease, and had cellulitis in his legs.
Knowing very well that he needed to make a change in his life, Miller partnered with the team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to lose weight. There, he worked with the doctors on an achievable weight loss plan and timeline.
Miller started with a restricted diet of healthy foods that would help him lose weight. He lost 77 pounds this way, and afterwards, he underwent gastric bypass surgery. The surgery was a catalyst for more weight loss, and in just six months, he made a drastic and noticeable change in his appearance.
Watch the video below to hear the rest of Miller’s inspiring story.
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