Art Exhibit Grabs Everyone’s Attention – But it’s All a Prank

Art: Some people get it. Some people don’t.

T.J. Khayatan and his friend, teens from the San Francisco Bay area, get it – sorta.

The pranksters – Twitter users @TJCruda and @k_vinnn – decided to pull the stunt after being left unimpressed by the art on offer at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. And within minutes of placing the glasses on the floor, a crowd of onlookers had gathered to ponder the metaphysical meaning of this piece of modern “art”. One of the teens, 17-year-old T.J. Khayatan, documented the public’s response and later uploaded pictures of the hilarious experiment to Twitter. Needless to say, they soon went viral and have since been shared over 40,000 times.

It what can only be described as the opposite of found art, T.J. and his friend decided to pull a little prank on their latest visit to The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Bored with the exhibits offered, they decided to make an impromptu addition of their own:

The teens placed a pair of glasses up against the wall of the gallery, then stepped back to watch what would happen.

To no one’s/everyone’s surprise, philistines and wannabe art snobs throughout the gallery started to gather, examining what they believed to be a new exhibit.

Someone Put Glasses On Museum Floor And Visitors Thought It Was Art

It might not have been art, but the prank was still priceless.

Gallery visitors mistook this plain pair of glasses for a work of art

The pair had a good laugh on Twitter about their little stunt, but felt a little awkward when they had to make the walk of shame to pick up the glasses.

Teenage Pranksters Invade SFMOMA

Is this a clever commentary on the pretension of modern art? Is it just a prank pulled by bored teens? Is it art? Take a look at the pics and judge for yourself.

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