Adorable Tortoise Burned In A Forest Fire Receives World’s First 3D-Printed Shell

He was caught up in a bushfire that happened in Brazil and tragically lost his house. His name is Freddy, a tortoise, and his house is the shell on his back. Amazingly a team of volunteers decided to do something, not just incredible, but groundbreaking. They would make a 3-D printed tortoise shell for Freddy. It would be the world’s first ever!

Animal Avengers are based out of Sao-Paulo. They are a group of surgeons who make body parts for animals using 3D printing technology.

First they took photos of Freddy from various angles. Then they went to work designing his new shell using computer imaging. The shell would be designed to fit Freddy in perfect shape and form.

Designer Cicero Moraes states how this was a truly one-of-a-kind endeavor: “Freddy was the first tortoise in the world to receive a fully rebuilt shell and the first creature that we, as a newly formed group of animal rescuers, decided to help.”

A dental surgeon, Dr. Paolo Miamoto, then created the shell using 3D printer technology.

Their other work has involved the reconstruction of beaks for toucans, a parrot and a goose. A macaw also received a titanium prosthetic pecker which was also the first ever designed. What an amazing team.

Next was the coloring. They wanted Freddy to blend in with his environment as a tortoise should, so his new shell was hand painted appropriately.

They all love animals as Dr. Roberto Feccio points out, and combining science with this love is truly a passion for this group: “We first came together as friends because of our common love of science and our love for animals. We soon realized we could do some extraordinary work using cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of life-saving care for mutilated animals.”

He really does look amazing and is clearly pleased with having his house rebuilt!

Check out the amazing full video of how Freddy recovered, as well as the incredible work the Animal Avengers did to help out a tortoise in need. Share this wonderful story with all of your animal loving friends and family!

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