A Man Runs Into Her And Walks Away, But Watch What The Man In The White Does

Are people as rude as we think?
Action Productions, a short-film company based in the United Kingdom that’s dedicated to focusing on ethical issues, tried to find out. They recently filmed a social “kindness” experiment where they setup three different incidents where an onlooker could step in and help out. The question – if someone saw these events happening, would they help out?
In the video, you will see an elderly woman needing assistance climbing up the stairs. While there are plenty of people walking by, the film focuses on seeing if people would take the time to help her. Right before she reaches the steps, a man offers to help. As he carries the suitcase up the stairs for her, a group of spectators break out in song in order to acknowledge his act of kindness. There are three other instances where we see something similar happen.
This film puts a smile on my face. Kindness costs absolutely nothing, but it can often have the greatest impact on someone else’s life. By doing one small act of kindness each day, we can enrich the lives of others and make the world a better place.
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