3-Year-Old Cuts All Her Hair Off. When Dad Asks Why She Did That, Her Explanation Is Priceless

Three-year-old Ansleigh decided to give herself a haircut. Needless to say, it did not go as well as expected. She gave herself a huge makeover! Ansleigh cut her hair way too short in certain places, and she missed a few spots.
When Dad approached his daughter after seeing her haircut, he’s naturally confused and shocked. He sits his little girl on the bed and proceeds to ask her why she decided to cut her own hair.
Her answer: “Because Jessica cuts hair.” It turns out that Miss Jessica went to a special school to learn how to cut hair, and Ansleigh replies stating that she wishes to do the same.
Now it’s all starting to make sense. This little girl wants to have a career as a hair stylist. She’s practicing on her own hair to build up experience and skills. Unfortunately, Dad insists that she stop cutting her hair until she is older.
Ansleigh agrees, and informs Dad that she will be working with Miss Jessica when she’s older.
This little girl already knows exactly what she wants to do at 3-years-old. Wow!
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