Woman And Her 2 Kids Approach An Unsuspecting Officer. Their Next Move Left Him Speechless

Police officers and first responders are often the most under-appreciated heroes in our community. While it is their job to protect and defend us from danger, these everyday heroes deserve recognition and respect for their work. Negativity and tensions have risen over the last year in regards to our police force, but that’s only over a very small set of officers. It’s not representative of the majority of officers, at all.
That’s why I love what a woman and her two kids did recently. A few days ago, this family approached an officer parked in the City park. The unsuspecting officer was caught off by the family’s next move.
In a world where judgments are made constantly based on looks, race, religion, and beliefs, this story was heartwarming to read.
Read on to see what the officer had to say about his surprising encounter.
The caption reads:
“This lady saw me parked at a city park this morning and decided to stop. She exited her vehicle with her two children and approached me as I was seated in my patrol car. She simply stated that she wanted to pray for me. Specifically for my safety. I expressed my gratitude the best I could, but she really has no idea how much that meant to me. Her little boy handed me a wilted flower that looked as if it had been in his pocket for a week. At that moment, it was the most beautiful flower I’d ever seen. My prayer is that sharing this encounter will encourage many to give people a chance, regardless of race or profession. You simply cannot judge an entire group of people because of the actions of some. Don’t hate evil more than you love good.”

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