HUGE Wolf Walks Towards Her, But Watch What Happens When She Tries To Pet It

Kekoa, an 8-year-old timber wolf, is not your typical wolf. While he is enormous in size and certainly can seem dangerous and fierce, he’s friendly and loving at heart. Kekoa absolutely loves human, and his favorite human (and best friend!) is a woman named Danielle. The two are practically inseparable!
Kekoa currently resides at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. There, he spends most of his days playing around outside in the stunning snow. Danielle is a worker there, and ever since Kekoa moved to the center from Florida, she’s gotten to know him extremely well.
Danielle explains, “I have always had a passion for nature and animals. These wolves have my heart and I am honored to have been accepted into their pack.”
In the video below, you can watch Danielle and Kekoa play with each other. From the very start, it’s evident how much affection the two mutually share for each other. They shower each other in kisses, and it’s a heartwarming sight to see!

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