He Sings This Classic From 1964 And Adds His Own Spin. I’ve Never Heard It Like THIS Before!

Have you ever listened to Simon and Garfunkel before? If you haven’t, they’re a folk duo from the 1960s that recorded one of the most well known songs of all time — Sound of Silence. Decades have passed since they released the song in 1964, yet the song has continually been used in popular media such as classic films and television shows.
The song reflects on the idea that although we may be surrounded by thousands of people, that doesn’t mean we’re able to communicate with each and everyone of them on an emotional level. This inability to be able to effectively communicate our thoughts leads to a lack of love and respect and causes a lot of society’s problems in today’s world.
This song and its powerful message have stood the test of time for over the past 50 years. And it seems like it’s particularly affected a well known heavy metal singer…
David Draiman is the lead singer of Disturbed, a popular heavy metal band that’s known to be one of the most hardcore heavy metal bands out there today. David was so moved by Sound of Silence that he decided to cover it and add his own twist to it. Although not everyone may be a fan of David’s style, I have to say his performance captures the unbridled emotion of the original song and its lyrics — what do you think?
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