Girl With Down Syndrome Visits Disneyland For First Time. Mom’s Stunned When Minnie Does THIS

A mother who decided to bring her daughter to Disneyland was worried. Her daughter had been waiting almost 3 years to go, yet all the mother was concerned about was what could go wrong. Why? Well, the daughter was autistic. The mother was worried that because her daughter doesn’t do well with crowds, loud noises, or waiting, she might cause a scene that would leave them both in a sticky situation.
This mother’s concern, however, was alleviated when she encountered into a Disneyland Minnie Mouse mascot that understood her daughter’s situation and did everything she could to make sure this mother’s daughter was taken care of and loved. The mother was so taken aback by this mascot’s kindness that she decided to write her a note of thanks…
“To you Minnie,
Whomever you are, yes you inside the costume, thank you! You my dear Minnie Mouse were absolutely amazing and delightful to see. You see, my youngest daughter doesn’t do well with crowds, loud noises or waiting! Like a lot of little ones, but she happens to have Down Syndrome, so things might be a bit harder sometimes. Yesterday we went to Disneyland after 3 years of not being able to go. We were pretty excited and also a bit scared of Bella’s reaction, so after being in line she was way too excited and anxious to meet you, she was getting frustrated (and so was I) cause she didn’t understand why she couldn’t just run out to hug you. So when we finally got to meet you Bella was beyond excited! And you my dear sweet Minnie noticed she was different, and treated her with such kindness, tenderness and love! Yes! Love! You hugged her, kissed her and I could really tell you were doing it cause you felt it in your heart, not cause “it’s what you have to do” you didn’t rush her (neither did the photographer) I wanted to cry, wanted to tell you how much that meant to me! How those minutes made me feel as her mom…. Disneyland thank you for hiring such amazing people! Thank you so very much!”
Check out the video below if you want to watch this heartwarming moment unfold, and be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments.

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