Gamer Banned From Live Streaming After Accidentally Flashing Fans

Warning: Explicit Content

A gamer girl who live streams herself playing video games has been banned, after being accused of flashing her vagina to her fans.
Lea May, 26, – who goes by username LegendaryLea – uses Twitch to share her gameplay footage online.
However, during one live stream the renowned Twitch streamer, from San Diego, California, was banned following several complaints.
Fans were told: “The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.”
She was playing Dark Souls during the broadcast, when she sat up and lifted her leg, with viewers claiming her movements led to the accidental exposure of her vagina.
Lea has since denied the footage shows anything other than her thigh and is now in contact with Twitch to reverse the ban.
Taking to Twitter, she wrote:
Despite her explanation, it seems May has still been banned from Twitch, with the ban set to last for 30 days.
This isn’t the first time she has accidentally revealed more than she intended:

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