This DJ Turned Her Nude Snapchat Leak Into Something Positive

Australia DJ Tigerlily is now planning to donate $5,000 to a mental health charity after she had a nude Snapchat edited and leaked online.
In a stand against online bullying, she spoke out against the invasion of privacy that she suffered at the hands of online trolls in a powerful Instagram post.

As you may or may not know, in the past 24 hours there has been some content of me spread online. I am a young confident woman and I share many aspects of my life and who I am on social media. When I share content I make a conscious decision to do so. The content that has been ripped from Snapchat, edited and distributed is being done so against my will. As Jennifer Lawrence said 'It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime. It is a sexual violation. It's disgusting.' How would you feel if this was happening to your best friend, your sister, or your girlfriend? It wouldn't be such a laugh then I'm sure? I’ve spoken out many times against misogyny, sexism and online bullying, and in the past 24 hours I’ve seen just how vulgar and childish some people can be. Although the crime that has been committed is NOT OK, being proud of your body and who you are IS OK. Girls - Do not ever be ashamed of your body. Do not ever let anyone else ever treat you with anything but absolute respect. You and your body are completely perfect just the way you are and you all deserve to know that and be told that each and every day. The voices of love and support both private and public have been truly inspiring. I've read so many of your messages and I feel empowered by the strength and positivity of the beautiful people I have in my life. To my friends, fans and those choosing not to partake in the invasion of my privacy, I thank you. Events like this only make me more determined to keep on path. To keep playing and writing music, exploring the world, and being so honestly myself each and every day. Love yourself and love one another. Peace, Love & Light to you all. Dara x
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It was three weeks ago now when she ‘flashed’ the camera in the background of a Snapchat video being filmed by her photographer, Alex, as a joke.
She said:
Alex did a couple of things to the SnapChat – she put it in black and white, she set it up the highest fast-forward speed possible and covered my private parts with squiggles and emojis. Before she posted it, she asked if I was fine with it, and I was completely OK – you could see nothing. I didn’t think twice about it.
But she found out yesterday that someone had managed to save the video, got rid of the edits and circulated it online.

Tigerlily continued:
I’ve read these horror stories of young women having their privacy violated online and it destroying their lives for months, years. It’s not necessarily something I want to draw attention to, but now that it’s out in the public, I felt compelled to speak out. I like to try and think of myself as an advocate for women being themselves, embracing their bodies, their passions, speaking out. I didn’t want it to affect that.
Now, in response to this grim injustice – which is sadly experienced by many online – she will now be donating $5,000 to mental health charity Headspace, and has opened a donations page.

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She added: “I’m trying to turn a shitty situation into something positive and educational. I felt that was the best thing I could do.”
Fair play to her.

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